Become A Confident Public Speaker

And Be Successful In Your Career

All Of These Methods Typically Fail To Motivate A Person To Give Speeches On A Regular Basis.- As A Matter Of Fact, Most Of These People Are Still Trying To Avoid Giving Public Speeches. But, Many Years Ago, I discovered Some Very Important Techniques That Help People Become Confident Public Speakers. - Most Of My Clients And Students That I Coach, Now Give Between 50 To 150 Speeches Each Year.

- Also, Their Income Is Going Up.

3.) What Is Your "Specific" Financial Goal For This Year ? - How Much "Extra" Money Do You Want To Make This Year ? - Let Me Coach You And Show You How To Achieve Your Goals By Using Public Speaking.

 Do You Want To Become Successful By Using Public Speaking?

1.) Would You Like To Overcome Your Fear Of Speaking ?

Don't Use The Methods That Don't Work. - Here Are The Methods That Usually Fail To Make You A Confident Public Speaker:

Public Speaking Classes, Hypnosis, Counseling Sessions, Motivational & Positive Thinking Seminars, Meditation Classes, Etc.

2.) How Would You Like To Be Excited About Giving  50  To 150 Speeches Each Year ? - Remember, All Of Your Speeches Have The Potential Of Attracting More Business And Clients To You.

1. Discover How To Get More Clients And Business By Giving Speeches.

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4.) Public Speaking Skills Are Important For Everyone:

Students Need To Become Confident Speakers In Order To Give Oral Reports And Speeches In The Classroom. Employees, Who Want To Apply For Higher Paying Positions, Will Need Public Speaking Skills Like: How To Run A Staff Meeting Or How To Lecture And Train A Group Of New Employees.

People In Sales Or Marketing, Will Want To Use Public Speaking To Attract New Clients And Make More Sales. Health Practitioners, Can Learn To Give Speeches In Their Community, In Order To Attract More Patients. Public Speaking Can Help Market Just About Any Field. Here Are A Few More Examples: Real Estate Agents, Insurance Sales, Travel Agents, Music Teachers, Yoga Instructors, Ministers, Accountants, Business Owners, Doctors, Dentists, Attorneys, All kinds Of Professionals And Most Fields That Want To Attract More Business.

2. Overcome The Fear Of Public Speaking & Become A Confident Public Speaker with Dr. Edward Martin.

Public Speaking And Marketing Consultant.

(Author Of The Forthcoming  Book - "How To Become Successful In Your Career By Using Public Speaking").


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